EasyCut Plus (EasyCabinet)

Software for optimization and planning of jobs

Software system for the management of  jobs under Excel©
What is
  • EasyCut Plus  is a  software for jobs programming with the following main features: stocks management, working list programming, cutting optimization, production statistics, costs and timings.
Where is
  • EasyCut Plus is installed in the office in a PC with Microsoft Excel©, connected with the factory information system for the import and the export of data.
  • EasyCut Plus allows to manage the material stocks, to program jobs in a fast and easy way, to optimize jobs, to obtain estimated production statistics, costs and timings, all this under a powerful, flexible and diffused environment as Microsoft Excel©.
  • The material spreadsheet allows to manage the material sheets, and to associate for each one code,  description, dimension, colour, grain, price and quantity in  stock.
  • The edges spreadsheet allows to manage  the materials that will be used for the edge-banding process.
  • The codes of the edges will be associated to the panel sides, prices and speeds will be used to compute timings and costs.
  • The drilling times spreadsheet allows to manage  the estimated timings for the drilling-milling process for each machining code.
  • The programmed machining times will be used to compute timings and costs.
  •  It’s possible to program new cabinet templates or to customize the existing templates
  • Cabinet templates are programmed with Excel spreadsheets
  • It is possible to create and insert variables inside formulas or IF instructions with the Excel syntax language for piece dimensions, colors, etc..
  • It’s possible to generate a cutting list starting from a list of the programmed cabinets.
  • Each cabinet template can be inserted several times in the list with some parameter modified (quantity, dimensions, colors, etc.)
  • Data of the job list can be inserted manually, imported from a text file or from other spreadsheets, or automatically generated from the cabinet list
  • Up to 40 label data fields can be  programmed for each piece
  • There is a spreadsheet for each stage of the process, EasyCut plus splits job data in the spreadsheets
  • Once the job has been optimized the statistics and the costs columns of the spreadsheets are filled with the computed data
  • The Costs spreadsheet shows the global costs and the costs distributed for each machining process
  • The statistics spreadsheet contains the estimated production statistics of the job
  • The spreadsheet shows the estimated piece production, used materials and machining times, distributed for each machining process

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