Import of cutting list from Excel spreadsheet

Link from the Microsoft Excel workbook to the cutting optimizer Ottimo-Perfect Cut
EasyCut is a software tool developed for  Microsoft Excel designed to speed  and simplify the use of cutting optimization system OTTIMO-PERFECT CUT by the users who store there part list data and/or the material sheets data in one or more Excel worksheets .
By a simple click you can export the selected part list and the sheets list and then obtain the optimized cutting patterns quickly and without errors due to data transcription, no matter how you have structured data in your worksheet.
EasyCut is a software utility you can use only with the software OTTIMO-PERFECT CUT.



  • Configuration of the correspondences between the columns of the Excel spreadsheet and the optimizer fields
  • Management of canonical fields  (code, description, dimensions, quantity, material, grain)
  • Management of extra fields for piece labelling (up to 36 extra fields for each panel)
  • Export of selected cutting list to the optimizer
  • Export of selected materials to the optimizer
  • Storing of job data and launch of the cutting optimizer

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